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I joined this crazy place on 2008-10-09, 13 years ago.

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Help a Vet out - very easy. - 9 years ago

Voted. :)

Need some advice on teens and cell phones - 9 years ago

Welcome to having kids in the technological age. All young kids, except for mine (she's "too cool" for what everyone else is doing), are on their phones constantly. It's crazy, but that's how they w...

Just so you know - 9 years ago

F**k that POS! Guys, especially when they aren't winning, will talk sh!t. Same goes with everyone. "I don't get my way...waaaaaaaaah!" Just like some damn kids! UGH! Let it roll off your back an...

Anyone Own A Kindle? - 10 years ago

Aren't tablets expensive though? I know for the Kindle they now have the touch ones, which coincidentally came out AFTER I had purchased mine, but whatevs, I love my keyboard, I love everything about...

Anyone Own A Kindle? - 10 years ago

Plus, it holds your page if you want to start another book, or break for a game. And, it has a feature where it can read to you, and if there is a word you are unsure about the meaning, you just move...

Anyone Own A Kindle? - 10 years ago

Oh yeah, it has wifi and 3G too.

Anyone Own A Kindle? - 10 years ago

I love my Kindle. I have the normal one, $139 with ads. The ads don't interrupt your experience and I like them, cuz they tell you about specials on Amazon....or, ugh, when Breaking Dawn is coming o...

Doggy business - 10 years ago

Holy crap! I swore!

Doggy business - 10 years ago

People are jerks! Did you try kijiji or craiglist? On CL, do NOT put the price, just put small adoption fee, call to inquire. Good luck to you!! :)

Can anyone help... fish advice? - 10 years ago

Google goldfish breeding. I don't know if it applies to goldfish, but a lot of fish, you have to separate the mom from the babies after they are born, or they'll eat them. But, I'm no vet or Goldfis...

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