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Livys Momma

I joined this crazy place on 2011-03-10, 11 years ago.

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So quiet in here! - 10 years ago

what in the world is going on this place used to be crazy busy all the time!! Im sure I could get my stalker back here and start some fun anyone interested?

Horseboarding..ASAP Any help is great! - 10 years ago

Hey Im just wondering if anyone knows of any places around Trenton Guthrie Elkton Pembroke areas that does horse boarding.. We just moved to Trenton and I need to get Gunnar off post ASAP before somet...

I have a challenge for everyone! - 10 years ago

Thank You!! Any and all help is greatly appreciated!! We walk on Sunday in Nashville! You are more than welcome to come out and walk with us!

I have a challenge for everyone! - 10 years ago

[url=]March of dimes[/url]

I have a challenge for everyone! - 10 years ago

[url=]March of Dimes[/url]So I have a challenge for everyone today until Sunday. Anyone up for a challenge its so easy you wouldn't even think...

Sharing Books on Kindle and Nuk - 10 years ago

ALSO....on the tablet I can use Amazon and Barnes & Noble... how do I use Amazon on it? lol I seriously barely know how to use this thing!

Sharing Books on Kindle and Nuk - 10 years ago

This may sound dumb but I dont Is there a way to share books on them and not have to give it back... like if you share them with someone else can both people keep them? and can you do th...

We are needing some help! Im at a complete loss! - 10 years ago

We are needing help!! ASAP!! The house we are currently renting is bing forclosed on.. The owner filed bankruptcy and we have to be out by the 1st! Because we are not going through are current realty ...

Its been awhile! - 10 years ago

I havent been on here in like forever! Whats new? Any new people? New jobs? I finally got a job.. At wal-mart! I kinda like it Im not gonna lie! Hope everyone is doing good!!

Moving to fort campbell onpost housing - 10 years ago

The list right now is insane! If your husband is like E4 and up and you have kids you will have like a month is not more wait... Not a lot to do around here... but I give horse back riding lessons ...

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