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Andy Stitz

I joined this crazy place on 2011-05-03, 11 years ago.

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Not much to tell. Ask and I'll answer.

latest comments

Storm Damage anyone? - 11 years ago

Glad your okay Mabes. Heard you had some hella bad weather out your way.

Does anyone want a puppy? - 11 years ago

Deleted by Andy Stitz, just get your dog spayed after this batch.

THANKS - 11 years ago

Thank you to all military, past and present. Without you, we wouldn't be the great country we are today.

OMG - 11 years ago

I heard Kara and Mabes missed me, so I stopped in to say HI! I hope you all had a good Memorial Day and didn't get too hammered.

Any one else get bad gas on ft campbell ? - 11 years ago

On a serious note, are you sure it was bad gas? I know there's been a troop of teenagers vandalizing parts of Lee Village.

Another day another rapture.... - 11 years ago

[i]I think I will stick with the Mayans theory. [/i] I agree. But what the hell, let's get hammered on the 21st anyway, and post stupid crap on the UG! Hey, wait, that's a typical day. Let's j...

I want to profess my undying devotion to Kara! - 11 years ago

Oh Kara, I'm just joking. Take it easy.

Another day another rapture.... - 11 years ago

Time to stock up on tequila, vodka, beer and pizza. We don't have much time left. LMFAO!

POLL: Casey Anthony Argues with Trial Lawyer - 11 years ago

[i]My neighbor actually lived an apartment away from Dahmer. [/i] A little too close for my liking. I would still be walking off the damage from that one.

POLL: Casey Anthony Argues with Trial Lawyer - 11 years ago

I was also pumped when the did Dahmer and was watching the net countdown and switch flipping for that dipsh*t, Tim McVeigh.

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