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Good Morning!

who's talking here?

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Darlene (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Good morning everyone. I have a day of very little running around to do, thank goodness. My day is homework, homework, homework. I found out that I finish my A.S. degree in March :) Too bad I have 2 more years for my B.S. lol. 

Oddss --- 9 years ago -

Good morning! My oldest are off to school, my youngest is still asleep. I'm being lazy until she wakes up. I have no plans today other than spending time with the kiddos and doing my daily household cleaning. I love days like this, and even better that it's Friday! :)

On a side note, I'm burning my "Pumpkin Souffle" candle and it smells really good in here. :) 

muffcabbage --- 9 years ago -

good afternoon.. im in love with my scentsy warmers. they are so safe and smell for days on end. ill never stop using scentsy from now on. 

Oddss --- 9 years ago -

I personally don't care for Scentsy. I think their items are overpriced, I didn't care for half of the scents I've tried, and they don't last any longer than my candles do. Plus, there's something about the warmness of a candle burning that just can't be replaced. As for being safer, I think that if people used a little more common sense when burning candles (holder underneath, burning only when you're in the vicinity, away from children, etc), they'd realize that there isn't much danger involved in burning a candle. I have four kids, candles are burned nearly every day, and we've never had an accident of any kind. I'll stick with my candles, but that's just my opinion. 

Darlene (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

On a side note, I'm burning my "Pumpkin Souffle" candle and it smells really good in here. :)

I have the Pumpkin Souffle going in my house too :) I in that Fall mood. 

Darlene (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

I use Scentsy warmers in my house. I also use my Yankee tea light warmers for my tarts. The tea light ones seem to get hotter and throw scent better. Tia, I am the same about burning candles. I switch up so much in my house that I always seem to have candles burning plus tarts going. 

muffcabbage --- 9 years ago -

scentsy has a new scent called hendrix and omg its sooo amazing. im forever stuck on their products. one bar costs 5 dollars and lasts an entire pay period. i also love the bath n body works plug ins. 

Oddss --- 9 years ago -

I use Yankee tealight warmers for my tarts, too. After the first few (sailboat design), I caught a Yankee clearance sale and bought a bunch more of them (in different designs). I just don't like Scentsy, but I know a lot of people do.

Today, I had one tealight warmer and one jar going, and my entire house smelled SO good. I love that about these candles.

I love the accessories from Yankee. I have shades, plates, tealight warmers, etc. but I always buy them when they go on clearance so they're really cheap. I'm a "sale junkie", LOL. 

Oddss --- 9 years ago -

Jen, I wouldn't like the Hendrix scent. I can't stand the smell of patchouli. :( 

Zeebragirl --- 9 years ago -

Like Jimmy Hendrix? Does it smell of pot and guitars? 

*Vanessa* (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

I like the scentsy warmers as they are very decorative. But the tea light warmers work a lot better than the scentsy ones.

And to me the scents are not very strong and they dont last either.

But I guess Im stuck on Dar's candles since they are strong, last FOREVER and they are cheaper than any "big name" company but her product is 10x's better :)

plus you cant beat getting 12 tarts for $8..or .75 cents each

2 of Dars tarts equal 1 of the scentsy bars. So basically you could get 12 different scents from Dar for $8 or 6 bars from Scentsy for $30...

I think I will stick with what is best :) Havent found anything that can amount up yet 

Oddss --- 9 years ago -

I agree with Vanessa's opinion about Darlene's candles vs. "Big Name" candles/bars. I have a ton of Darlene's tarts and some jars (and need more lol) but my favorite scent is Carrot Cake, with the pumpkin scents coming in at a close second. 

Oddss --- 9 years ago -

I have to add (couldn't resist lol) that the Banana Nut bread and Harvest scents are awesome, too. As long as Darlene is making candles, they'll be the only ones I buy. 

Pureawesoness --- 9 years ago -

II have to agree, I still have some of dars candles and I absolutely love them I've tried several other but so far dars haven't been able to be replaced 

muffcabbage --- 9 years ago -

but noone else can offer a scentsy buddy. its soo adorable and sasha the scentsy buddy is for a good cause. 100 percent of her proceeds go to the ronald mcdonald house charaties. 

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