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Bus bulliying

who's talking here?

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Mabes --- 9 years ago -

So yesterday my daughter came home with tears in her eyes, after a couple of tries she finally tells me two boys in her bus where calling herr a B*tch, stupid,loser and to shut up, they threatend her not to tell anyone bc otherwise they'd take care of her. I called the principal and she talked to the boys, today the main gremlins friend kept telling her how shes a crybaby and a loser for telling...well idk how to take this anymore short of picking the little f*cktarts myself and show them the discipline their mom obviously isnt teaching them. I talked to the bus driver and he said the main ones bulliying her are too far away for him to hear 

Oddss --- 9 years ago -

Ask the bus driver to seat the bullies up front where he CAN hear them and to not seat your daughter anywhere near them. I don't know about your district but here, if there's an issue with your child riding the bus that can't be resolved with the driver, parents are instructed to go to the bus superintendent and the problem is always fixed. 

Mandys (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

How old is your daughter? And how old were the bullies? 

Mabes --- 9 years ago -

Shes 6 bullies 8,7 and 6, its happend twicce more and one of them punched her , when i called the principal i got a shes not in the office and we'll take the message she'll call you back, she didnt until i called again the next day and when she wasnt there again i threatend with police report and school board, finally they said they where going to sit the kids on different seats , of course i talked to the bus driver who claimed he didnt see it actually happen, were talking about a bus driver whos stopped at the gas station with all kids in the bus to buy himself something to eat before, when the principal finally talked to the boys she proceeded to tell my daughter to not tell them to "shut up" anymore....wait a minute, so they call her Btch,dumbasz, idiot and crybaby and shes supposed to sit there and smile ? This is bs 

Mandys (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

I would not put my daughter back on the bus. I would take it to the school board. And I would personally talk to each childs parents. I would also go to the school and talk to the principle and bus superintendent. The driver should NOT leave the children unsupervised at all! My daughter is 6 and i would not stand for that! 

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