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new jump zone place

who's talking here?

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ChelleB --- 9 years ago -

i'm trying to figure out the name of the place that replaced jump zone... and their times and whatnot... jump zone had crazy free play times and not trying to make an unnecessary trip. thanks! 

ChelleB --- 9 years ago -

found the info, if anyone was wondering its Kids-N-Play ... website is cool and they seem to be offering much more than the ol' jump zone! happy wednesday! 

Mandys (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

I brought my kids the other day. The lights went out when we were there and it took a while for them to turn them back on. There was a couple of wild kids being very rowdy. Parents should definately watch their kids while they are there. 

BAMFTurd --- 8 years ago -

I heard there was MRSA going around that place. 

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