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Vacation Advice?

who's talking here?

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brookee --- 9 years ago -

I'm starting to plan our family vacation and we have narrowed down a very long list to Wisconsin Dells or Disney World in Florida. It would be for approximately 6 days, we would be driving and we have a 2 year old.

Any pros/cons?

I don't really care much that he won't "remember" what we did on vacation because we will have pictures and the DH & I will have those memories. The fact is, DH is sick and he won't be able to travel much next summer if he has surgery they want him to.

Or if you can think of something fun for a family to do on vacation that is not in VA, WV, OH, NC, SC, AL, GA, PA, MD, NH, MASS, ME, KS or OK then feel free to make a suggestion :) Oh & not the grand canyon- I had a panic attack reading brochures.

Oh, end of June through July time frame. I know it's tourist season most places during that time but financially, that is when we'll be able to afford for me to take off a week. 

brookee --- 9 years ago -

I really don't know what kind of advice I'm looking for... Both of our families are against both of the places we picked out and just want us to visit our hometowns. They keep saying that Landon won't remember so it's a bad idea. :/ 

Mandys (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Cruises are fantastic! I understand the family wanting to see yall. We havent gone on a vacation in years because family wanted us to come home for vacation, which is not a vacation. I say do what your husband and you want to do. 

muffcabbage --- 9 years ago -

how bout tuck n roll the kid off at the inlaws and go to vegas.. 

brookee --- 9 years ago -

We thought about a cruise but decided against it, after meeting with an agent we realized it wasn't really in our budget or time frame that I'll be able to have off. We don't even have passports, lol.

And we visit family all the time :/ We're going to see his family this weekend and my parents are coming up for a few days then a week later we'll be in VA for a couple days to see them.

I don't know :/ I'm probably being too picky about it. But I worked my butt off to save the money I have saved and want the most I can get for it, lol. 

Darlene (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

I would go to Disney World. I miss Florida so much :( 

Georgia Girl (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Brookee... if you see your family or his at other times. I would definately say that your vacation should be "Your Family Vacation" as in, the baby and the two of you.

I would suggest any amusement park, disney, Busch Gardens, ect. The parks offer free tickets for military plus discounts.

There is so much to see in so many states that it would be a shame to miss things because everything is dictated by visiting just family.

I vote Orlando/Disney or there is that place in Ohio/Indiana. I forgot the name of it... but it isn't quite as far. I can ask a friend of mine that goes there once a year. I just can't remember the name off hand. There is also Dollywood in Th and hit Gatlinburg while you are there if you don't want to drive that far ( it is only 4 hours ) 

Major Tom (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

I'd vote for Gatlinburg. Its close, not too expensive, and lots of stuff to do. The aquarium, mountains, Dollywood, famly oriented shows, shopping, and the Knoxville zoo not far away.

Orlando is a long drive (think of $4 gas), it will be ungodly hot, looooong lines, and pricey ($15 just for parking fees at a Disney park. Think about all of that with a cranky 2 year old. True, there is a butt load of stuff to do in the Orlando area but the kiddo will enjoy it much more when he's 6 or 8. 

Major Tom (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Well, after advising the Gatlinburg is a good vacation spot guess where I'm spending my anniversary. Yep, the wifey just reserved a cabin for 4 days. Looks like the Hatfield and McCoys and the Dxie Stampede for me!

Actually, I love the area. I can't wait to get out into the Smokie for some tree hugging. 

Oddss --- 9 years ago -

Gatlinburg is fun and not as hectic as Disney. We've been to Disney and Holiday World (is that the one you were talking about, Gary?) and the kids love it but honestly, it's exhausting for the adults, LOL.

We like off-the-wall things and generally go for things that are low-key. For instance, last summer we took the bike out (just my husband and I, of course) and we went out near Mammoth Caves and instead of going to the main Mammoth park, we stopped at these little ones that are all around there, spent the day just checking them out, got some food in Bowling Green and then rode home.

So far this year, we have a weekend planned - we're going to a gun show in Louisville. (Again, just my husband and I) With the kids, we do smaller things like go to the water park in Eddyville or take them down to Nashville, things like that. We took a vacation last year to Chicago - we are both familiar with that area so we had a lot of fun - took the kids to the JellyBelly factory, went to the Navy Pier, things like that. Again, we always try to keep things low-key and casual - no rushing, nothing set in stone, just doing something that's fun and comfortable for everyone and not an activity that will cost a small fortune. 

Georgia Girl (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Gary..when my husband and I renewed our vowes when he came back.. we used AlmostHeavenResort. It was where we we were married, so did the same chapel for the renewal.

***********Anyone interested in a little get away and not wanting to leave their dog behind... they do have a cabin at the very top of the peak reserved for "pet friendly" ********

I thought I would throw that out there in case anyone was interested. Our brussels griffon has severe seperation anxiety when left in a kennel. 

Oddss --- 9 years ago -

Georgia, for the past year, we haven't gone anywhere without our dog. If we have to be gone for the day and can't take him with us, I have family nearby that will "babysit" for us. Now we have 2 dogs but the same rule applies. If they don't come with us, they're still with family but there are very few times that that's the case. :) 

brookee --- 9 years ago -

My son loves the hectic stuff. But we did decide to leave disney for a later vacation. We are thinking of going to Washington state ;)

And in August vs July because of the amount of things that have popped up for May/June. 

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