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Georgia Girl

I joined this crazy place on 2010-02-24, 11 years ago.

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reconstructive/plastic surgery/cosmetic.. opinions - 8 years ago

would you do it? would you not? What would you change? would you think it would change you? Pros/cons?opinions?

moving... cherokee prop management? - 8 years ago

Brookee..did you do walk through and mark down all the defects when you moved in? When renting that is always important to keep with the lease. If you hadn't.. when you do your preinspection ( alw...

IPHONE 4 that I bought - 8 years ago

ps.. not saying that to be mean.. but for 99.00 you can get the iphone4 with a new service conctract from At&t at any local phone dealer ororder a reburished one online though their sites.. or the ip...

IPHONE 4 that I bought - 8 years ago

if something is being sold for "to good to be true" or far below the value of what it really is... car, electronics or designer handbags/watches/clothing then the red flags should be going off and sta...

Naked Man Eats Face off Homeless Man.. Zombies in Miami! - 8 years ago

Has anyone seen that and the footage on it on the news? WTH! Fox, CNN, MSNBC and Miami Herald is covering this. You can find the photos of the crime scene ( which is super disgusting and will have ...

spousal abuse within the army - 8 years ago

I am glad to hear you are safe..., I feel sorry you and girls that you had to go threw any of this.:( Spousal abuse is wrong and not acceptable in my book. Unfortunately, there are wives that lie ...

tricare.....aughhhhhhhhhh!! - 8 years ago

Boop.. my surgery date was set for today..although this time it wasn't Tricare's fault. The one that handles the insurance claims was out on medical. She didn't get the claim in until the 9th, then to...

tricare.....aughhhhhhhhhh!! - 8 years ago

Ginger- On my original referral... it says Evaluate and Treat (and other services) and Place of Treatment: doctor's office Number of Units or Visits: 4 The surgery will be in her offi...

Heyyyy - 8 years ago

Sorry about your cat :( that is awful! Hopefully now you can begin a new life with fresh hope and new dreams :) Good Luck

tricare.....aughhhhhhhhhh!! - 8 years ago

Does anyone else had this problem?

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