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IPHONE 4 that I bought

who's talking here?

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a2918166uu --- 8 years ago -

I bought and IPHONE 4 from someone up here, i have there name and everything on here. They sold me the phone yesterday and everything was fine when i first looked at it. I set it down in my car and drove home, when i got home it was off so i thought it was dead, hooked it up and it really wasn't so i thought maybe it had bad software, so i re-installed the software. Still have the same problem, took it to a store that works on phones and they are saying its probably the mother board. What can I do about this, when i was sold something here that was precieved to be brand new and was actually messed up? 

a3883620uu --- 8 years ago -

That's why I won't buy things like that used. It's the risk you take and unfortunately a lot of people suck and will lie up and down do get $$. Sorry that happened to you, but you should ALWAYS use the electronics first if you are willing to buy them from someone on here used. 

Georgia Girl (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

if something is being sold for "to good to be true" or far below the value of what it really is... car, electronics or designer handbags/watches/clothing then the red flags should be going off and stay far far far far far away.

Kinda makes me think of some dude in trench coat leaning against a building and opening it up with jewlery and phones dangling from inside hidden pockets and says to you... "hey.. want a good deal? I will sell it too you , my friend,really cheap because you look like you are a really smart person and knows a deal when they run across one" ((((( like in a bad movie))))) 

Georgia Girl (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

ps.. not saying that to be mean.. but for 99.00 you can get the iphone4 with a new service conctract from At&t at any local phone dealer ororder a reburished one online though their sites.. or the iphone4s for 199.00 

MacGruberReincarnated --- 8 years ago -

How much did you pay for it? 

Oddss --- 8 years ago -

I wouldn't buy an iPhone from CYS. We got ours when we got a new contract (the 4S for $199 each) and then opted for the $99 Apple Care. Peace of mind.

That being said, CYS is a yard sale site. Items are sold as-is and there's really nothing you can do. Always check items out when you buy them (which I know you did at least somewhat) but ultimately, it's a risk you take when buying something off of there. Always walk into a deal knowing that the item may not be as they say it is. Not everyone's honest these days.

I've had a few bad deals from there over the years but overall, my experience has been good. I don't buy things like iPhones, though, lol. 

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