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moving... cherokee prop management?

who's talking here?

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brookee --- 8 years ago -

We are moving in about 2 weeks and I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with Cherokee property management and getting their deposit back. I spoke to the owner of the house and she said the carpets werent stained at all and all the blinds worked and neither is true. We went from Alamo Rental to Cherokee in the middle of living here so paperwork was "lost" and we never got a copy :/ But the lady at Cherokee said some stains are normal wear and tear. I just want my deposit back, we took good care of the place. Lol... 

Georgia Girl (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

Brookee..did you do walk through and mark down all the defects when you moved in? When renting that is always important to keep with the lease.

If you hadn't.. when you do your preinspection ( always do one before turning the keys over.. that way you can correct anything that needs too... if they only have a few items.. like a bulb missing, dust on the refrigerator and a cob web or a stain on carpet- if you have one.. use Oxiclean in a carpet cleaner instead of carpet cleaner- more effective of pulling out stains) Those items would be the only items that needs to be fixed without a charge or some of the money taked from security deposit. Then the next time they come out... with you present to turn the keys over... show before and after pictures ... ones taken at preinspection and then after the item is repaired or replaced- including light bulbs. One burnt one can cost up 40.00 because they have to send someone out there to change a bulb or an entire cleaning crew to wash one crayon mark or remove dust from window sills. Alot of people overlook these tiny details or a preinspection and then lose their security deposits. 

brookee --- 8 years ago -

The move in inspection was a week after we moved in since the ladies son was in the hospital. We were only 18 and first time renters, so we didnt know to get a copy and take pictures. Obviously, we've been here since June 2008 there is going to be some wear, lol.

We are buying a house and want as much of my deposit back from the rental as possible to go towards the costs :) 

brookee --- 8 years ago -

We move in one week, I am so excited that I had to share. Even more excited that we are buying :) 

Darlene (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

Cogratulations on your first house :) 

brookee --- 8 years ago -

Thank you Darlene :) 

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