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Georgia Girl

I joined this crazy place on 2010-02-24, 11 years ago.

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tricare.....aughhhhhhhhhh!! - 9 years ago

I am down to 9 days before my next surgery and still have not gotten the authorization! I am getting so nervous. Nothing like Tricare to take their dang-nab-it good ole sweet time. With my brain surge...

Hey and ideas? - 9 years ago

Boop, I wasn't bashing. I was just offering suggestions and ideas in a helpful way. Been there, done that when I was a single mom without any help. I learned to rub pennies together so they could turn...

School registration - 9 years ago

Jess... I had to have a physical done before registration. If you can't get one at your child's normal doctor, you can pay 20.00 at an urgent care clinic for a school health certificate. I did that wi...

Update - 9 years ago

Well my next surgery has been scheduled. I am nervous, scared and excited all at the same time. 20 days and a wake up and will back under the knife. My brain nightmare is almost over f...

Hey and ideas? - 9 years ago

Call the local churches. There are several in the area from what I understand. I have never had to used them personally. Sorry that you find yourself in a bind and children do come first. I would ...

Hobbies? - 9 years ago

Well.. recently I have become a Gym Rat. I have literally been obsessed with the gym. Been working out like a mad woman trying to produce as much endorphines as I can LOL. Seriously though... I spend ...

Fort Campbell Wives - 9 years ago

There are alot of nice people at Campbell. Depending on what you are interested in... Cars... there is Clarksville Speedway. Everyone is talking to everyone about their cars and what not. Also loc...

Vacation Advice? - 9 years ago

Gary..when my husband and I renewed our vowes when he came back.. we used AlmostHeavenResort. It was where we we were married, so did the same chapel for the renewal. ***********Anyone interested ...

word up - 9 years ago

Hey Jess... Congrads and ummmmm sorry for the timing. I don't know any of the obgyns, my baby making days have been over via cut/tied/burned years ago. I know Vandy is far but listening to everyon...

A Question About Orders - 9 years ago

Oh ok. I thought you meant permanent as is never going to be able to pt, didn't say about surgery. I didn't understand that part of the story. The Command can put his orders on hold until after the su...

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