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I joined this crazy place on 2008-10-14, 13 years ago.

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Word to your mother

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word up - 10 years ago

Does anyone even use this website anymore? I kind of enjoyed watching other people's lives go down the hill. Made me feel better about myself :)

Just in case... - 10 years ago

Im looking for an used cat now. Everything in Clarksville and hopkinsville is more expensive. Definitely look in Nashville and the surrounding areas

Just so you know - 10 years ago

First went my facebook account, and now my cu account is being hacked. Oh, this never gets old..........

Just so you know - 10 years ago

And my friends are all losers who need to mind their own business and shove off

Just so you know - 10 years ago

Im the typical money grubbing army wife. I dont deserve a fing thing but Ill take it all

POLL: Custody consensus - 10 years ago

So im in the middle of a very "special" custody disagreement and was just wondering what the neutral vote would be. heres the situation: hes sf, constantly deploys ontop of tdy after tdy, is maybe hom...

Doggy business - 10 years ago

Im taking her to nashville today to hopefully rehome her. I still have a 4 year old black lab too!

Doggy business - 10 years ago

Flagged again!

Doggy business - 10 years ago

Flaggers are douchebags! I have to rehome her bc I have to move into a townhome due to divorce. I couldn't find any rentals that would accept her. Its not like I have a dang puppy farm. I have a black...

Doggy business - 10 years ago

Yes! I'm constantly getting flagged just bc I post a full blood great dane. Well, I have a 3 year AKC registered Great Dane if anyone knows of a good home let me know! There is a rehoming fee. She has...

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