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Schwarzenegger, Shriver Separating after 25 years

who's talking here?

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Kara --- 12 years ago -

This is unexpected...

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Kara --- 12 years ago -

Um, I guess it really isn't unexpected.

She just seems to good for him. 

SyllyCoops --- 12 years ago -

Everyone treats marriage as if it's no longer a lifetime contract. Some people aren't meant to be together, I get it. Thank goodness for divorce sometimes, but that is usually figured out early, like less than ten years. But, after 25 years, if you don't realize that people change, and you have to make sure your marriage flourishes with the changes that are happening as you get older. When you are 50, I promise you, you will not want to do the same crap you were doing in your 30's, and so on. We are constantly changing, and if your marriage isn't strong enough to roll with the punches and absorb life's speed bumps, well, then I am sorry for you. 25 years wasted. What a loss. :( 

Andy Stitz --- 12 years ago -

Who cares? He's not going to be the governator any more, so he's outlived his usefulness to her and her BOOMIN' career as a journalist. LMAO! Don't feel bad, I'm sure she'll take him for half, plus clone support. 

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